Jambox: ルーザー by The Flickers


So I figured out that I could embed music files, which is great because there are quite a few Japanese songs that aren’t available on YouTube. This was one of them. The song means “Loser”. It’s my favorite track from The Flickers’s 2012 EP Fl!ck. Love the bit where the singer goes totally nuts at the end.

Updates from this week:
Gunner’s Guide Progress
More and more guide work. Every time I finish a set of changes I re-export the eBooks on my Kindle and iPad and sit down with Roy to make another set of changes. Rinse and repeat. Thankfully the list of changes gets progressively smaller and smaller. We are pretty much on schedule to have the books done in the beginning of September.

We also announced on this week’s My Fair Hunter episode that the audio books were being done by friend of the podcast Niric. We were super excited to have him read the guides, and what he sent us is excellent! We plan to make an official announcement on Culty very soon. Just kidding! The post went up as I was writing this.

Comic Progress
I’ve also been making progress on my short comic and posted a preview earlier this week:


Whenever I feel burnt out on the guide, it’s nice to be able to switch to inking a comic that’s already been penciled. Less decisions to make for my tired brain. I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out. I think the nib tool from Frenden’s set is my favorite to ink with, although I’ve been using the brush for guide illustrations.

New business?
I’ve been meeting with a friend every week for a while now, and while it was initially to talk about Culty stuff, it evolved into planning a business together. It seems fitting as tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of me not having a day job. It will be an interesting experiment since this new business won’t have anything to do with gaming. We both really enjoy decorating and want to curate an online store with amazing home decor that we find all over New England.

I’m planning to talk about our journey as it happens. This week we went over a business plan and timeline that I put together so that we could break everything down into steps. We also decided on a business name and ideas for a logo, which I will reveal as soon as we have a landing page set up. I’m pretty excited – as much as I love being part of the gaming world, sometimes I just need a break from it.

Well, that’s enough blabbing for this week. Have a great weekend!

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