Shiso Corner: What is Agoo?


Okay, so it would be an incredibly specific pun on behalf of Animal Crossing. But I’m still not convinced it would be entirely out the question!

So, a little abit about agoo:

Agoo is a specific type of black pig with mysterious origins, but mostly likely it was introduced to Okinawa from China, and traces of it have been found in Okinawa as early as the Yayoi period (300 B.C.E!). It’s defined by its black body and small size. Agoo has a high fat-to-meat ratio, but apparently has only 1/4th the amount of cholesterol compared to other breeds! Sadly, the original breed is dying out as it’s not very sustainable due to lack of offspring and overall small yields of meat. This means most agoo nowadays is part Berkshire or Landrace.

For Japanese linguaphiles, agoo can be written as either あぐー or アグー, but the hiragana version is the trademarked (um, seriously?) word associated with the food type. The katakana version is the name of a brand that breeds pigs to have 50%+ blood of the original bloodline, as seen in this overly helpful chart:


Click through to see the Agoo brand site

You might also notice that agoo itself is a weird word, and that is because it’s in the Okinawan dialect instead of standard Japanese.

I don’t know why my brain made the mental leap from Agnes to Agoo, but it’s not entirely crazy, right? I’m gonna get all Maury on her and ask her for a blood test next time I visit.


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That was a good piece of conversation to read and it is meant to clear many of our views. So I never like to miss the chance reading these types of things all the time.


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