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Earlier this year I got a Facebook message from my friend C. I originally met her when we were both studying abroad in Osaka. We became good pals but went our separate ways at the end of our stay. Six years later, I get a Facebook message from her inviting me and Roy to stay at her place for the weekend. So we went. And picked up right where we left off. Thinking back on it, it was the first time I spent any time with C on American soil.

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We took a stroll in brutal heat down Moody Street. It slowly dawned on me that I’ve already been there before a couple years ago for a steampunk festival. What are the odds? We decided to catch up at Solea (which has an unfortunate website) and ordered a few tapas and beer. The sun was furious outside, but the food was so damn good.

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C mentioned that she’s been to a few breweries and had fun at the Harpoon Brewery (their website is better) tour some years ago. We took a trip into the heart of Boston to see if we could catch their last tour. Well, we couldn’t catch anything. The place had expanded and was packed to the gills with crazy people. We got a sampler and squeezed into a corner where the noise level was somewhat more bearable. Roy grabbed a few growlers:

Is this a common contraption used at breweries? Maybe it pours in a sterile environment. Or serves as a gimmick. All I know is that Magic Hat’s method of filling growlers is shoving it under a spout until it overflows. I guess it could be more complicated than that.

Heads spinning from the crowds at Harpoon, we decided to take it easy and make food together for dinner that night. We wanted to channel our Osaka days and make okonomiyaki.

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C had home stayed with a family for her second semester abroad, so she picked up a few recipes from her host mom. Roy and I were deeply impressed at her eye-balling skills. Home cooking is the best when you’re confident enough to abandon measurements. We spent all night chopping, cleaning, and cooking. We stayed up until 3am talking and drinking from our growlers. C had me download Zed’s Alchemy, which is splendid in its simplicity.

The next day we spent a lazy morning playing games on various devices. C showed us her incredible Ni no Kuni file – she’s aiming for 100% completion, which means she’s already beaten the game and is now going after post-game bosses. I didn’t even know there was post-game material. I stopped playing somewhere around the graveyard area. The game has way too many decisions to make.

so much fucking kimchi

Finally mobilizing, we went to a Korean grocery store known as H Mart. (You thought I was kidding when I said I liked grocery shopping?) This place is awesome. It has a food court and an incredible kimchi section. There was so much stuff to look at. They were generous with samples, too. Roy picked up some garlic stems and he’s been eating them almost every day since we got back.


This…is also a thing that happened.

We also took a quick trip to Kung Fu Tea, which has a hilarious reputation for shitty service but awesome beverages.

It lived up to the hype. Roy asked the girl at the counter a question about one of their drinks. She looked at him like he had personally pissed all over her cash register. The bubble tea we got was good, but it was good in the way that dumping a vat of syrup into your tea is good. If you go there you might want to ask for less sugar, if you can muster up the courage to do so.

Until next time...!

And thus concludes another trip to a neighboring state. It was short but worthwhile, and it definitely won’t be six years before we see C again.

You can view the places we visited on this here map I made.



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