Jambox: Waltz for Hulot by Mamerico


Our heat wave broke, and the temperature for the past couple of days feels like the beginning of fall already. Matched with a random pumpkin ale Roy gave me the other night, it’s as though we skipped August and September entirely. I’ve started listening to Mamerico in the mornings again. Waltz for Hulot is the first track from her 2011 album Miniscule. All the songs are pretty soothing and pair well with tea in the morning.

This week has been another fairly productive one. Roy has finalized the text for our Gunner’s Guide (which is actually going to be broken down into two guides – Bow and Bowgun), so I need to go through it a second time for edits. We do this process back and forth until we feel confident that the material can be easily understood by readers. Next step is working together to find references for all the illustrations in the book, so I can work without having to pause and Google things every five minutes. It’s hard finding good references for Monster Hunter gear. I’m always worried that somebody is going to point out that some random strap or button isn’t properly drawn.

I’m also just about done with the 6-page comic I started last week. Inspired by some Adventure Time comics a friend lent me, I decided to hand-letter the comic instead of using a typeface. I really like the look of hand-drawn word balloons and letters. I just have to re-work some details and decide whether or not I want to use screen tone, and it should be good to go.

Other stuff? Roy got a review copy of Dragon’s Crown and we’ve become super addicted to it. We can’t reveal much until the embargo drops, but we’re already planning to do a Let’s Play for when it comes out. I’m hoping to squeeze in some fanart for it over the weekend.

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Hey it was really great to have such music collection because I am also pretty much addicted to it. This was really nice to have this post because I was wondering about to have this kind of music album.


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