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I just donated to Evan Dahm’s Kickstarter for a PDF of his latest work-to-be-published, Vattu. I only recently read his acclaimed Rice Boy and am insanely impressed by Dahm’s world-building abilities. I am slowly making my way through Order of Tales, which has had a permanent tab open on my iPad so I don’t lose my spot. His characters are well written and bear an emotional weight that matches the epic plot lines. Some of the character designs are reminiscent of Tove Jansson.

What I like about this particular Kickstarter is the lack of over-the-top stretch goals. Dahm plotted out the logistics of the exact book he wanted to get funded, and he made it happen. I get stressed for other artists who are throwing in crazy work for themselves just because people have donated more than they anticipated. Time is finite but there is no ceiling on the amount of money you can make.

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