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I should probably not have left my socks on

I should probably not have left my socks on

I made this dress for my Animal Crossing New Leaf character, Farrah. I had just signed up for Shop It To Me (more on that soon) and I was overwhelmed with the desire to buy shiny new clothes. The thing is, I don’t really NEED clothes (I’m more apt to spend money on books) so I came up with the idea to recreate stuff I liked in Animal Crossing. This is a pro design using a sleeveless dress modeled after the Free People Textured Georgia dress.

Drawing the dress was a little weird because it looks really strange when working on the pattern up close. But I was happy to see the little pixelated highlights translate into something that looks like dress folds. I even found a color that mimicked my character’s skin tone for the back, creating the exposed back illusion.

What do you think? Have you tried making your own clothes? I would love to revisit an old season of Project Runway and recreate the winning designs. Blathers could be my Tim Gunn.



Very nice! I have a question though, how do you make the design as a dress?

When I try to do it it makes it a t-shirt, but when its on is still has a grey skirt.

Your help would be appreciated!


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